FINALLY meeting ‘my man’ SHAUN T!!!

The night before I met Shaun T was such an exciting night for me. As I was getting ready to go to the school for the Mommy Son Dance with my handsome boys, I received the best notification ever on my Facebook account. It was from Shaun T telling me he couldn’t wait to meet me the next day. I looked at that noScreenshot_2015-05-08-17-57-13tification and read what he wrote, threw my phone down on the sink in the bathroom and screamed on the top of my lungs. I was jumping around in my dress so excited that Shaun T wrote on my post. Trying to put into the words how I felt at that moment was just so surreal. I have wanted to meet him for almost an entire year and I have tagged him in so many Facebook posts that I was sure he was bound to ‘know’ who I was and what I was about. But to see him show up on my screen as a notification was not something I was expecting. The post he commented on, I almost deleted earlier that night because I was having second thoughts about it. I remember my oldest son (David age 8) came running into the bathroom asking me if I saw a spider, I guess I had that type of scream going on.

                After the dance, I came home and started getting my bags ready for the very LONG day that was about to happen. I also had to get together presents for Shaun T and Ennis. I chose to also give a gift to Ennis that day because he is such a great friend anEnnis and me.2d I attend his Live Insanity classes. He is an amazing instructor and constantly pushes me past my breaking point so I wanted to give him a ‘thank you’ present. So I gathered items together for Shaun T which included all his favorite things and along with some special items too. I gave him two Inshannonity shirts because I had no idea what shirt size I should get him along with a DVD of my speech; print out of my story as to why I started pushing play with Insanity and a few other things. I wanted to make sure that he knew who I was and what my story was about. I figured I would only get a few minutes with him and I wanted to try to give him something to remember me by. I only had three hours of sleep that night because I had so much to get done and I was so excited. I also had to drive THREE hours in one directiongifts ennis shaun just to go meet Shaun T at Mineral Springs ~ but it was so absolutely worth the lack of sleep and the long drive. I drove up about 1.5 hours over to my friend’s house and then she drove us up to the event. We arrived so early and way before check in time but I wanted to make sure we got there.

We had VIP passes to the event and we were let in the room first. It is crazy because everyone there is a us.shaun t event.use this oneShaun T fan and literally the doors were opened and people RAN to the roped in VIP area. I was kind of taken back and just followed them all running too. I warmed up and while I was there waiting for ‘the man’ to enter the room I was so excited to meet the cast members of Insanity Max 30 and get pictures with them. I was trying to live in the moment and capture every second in my mind forever. This was my one shot to make an impression on Shaun T; to be noticed; to see if he actually ‘knows’ me you know especially after I have tagged him for almost a year at least once a week on Facebook on my posts…you know those moments when you can’t wait for something to happen and then after it is over you are like ‘that is it? That is what I was waiting for?’ I didn’t want that to happen with him. I wanted so much more but I did have that nagging thought in the back of my mind that what if my day was not as great as I was imagining that it would be. I closed my eyes and just pushed everything aside. I wanted to be IN the moment and remember this experience forever.

I can’t even begin to explain the feeling I felt when the lights dimmed and he was announced…his voice running into the room and yelling his hellos to us. It was just purely amazing. We stood in the second row and had a great view of the stage. During the live workout Shaun T would come down off the stage and talk to people who were working out. I was soooooooo wishing he would talk to me and just come over in my direction. I didn’t have on my Inshannonity shirt any longer because I wanted to wear it in my photo with him so I took it off. During one part, Shaun T comes off the stage and right over to me. He yells “Come on Inshannonity. Touch my HAND Shannon. Let’s GO”…oh my goodness did I start screaming every single time my knee touched his hand I said “oh my goodness…oh my goodness” and he just smiled cheering me on. I just couldn’t believe he already KNEW who I was!!!! This was before the meet and greet. He knew me…oh my goodness SHAUN T KNEW ME!!!!! It was completely unreal and so much better than I ever imagined. The workout with him was completely amazing and I loved it. What I hated was that awful floor. Next time I will remember to bring a towel for my hands…an indoor red tennis court that is falling apart turns your body red when you are sweating and touching it. Thank goodness I brought wipes!

After the workout we had recorded a podcast for him that eventually became known as podcast #24 Live from New Jersey. H21 day fix promoe answered questions and at one point a girl stood up and he mistook her for me. He paused and said to her, “Oh I know you. You are my Inshannonity girl. Oh wait no you aren’t you aren’t her. Where is my Inshannonity? Where did she go?” I waved to him and blew him a kiss and smiled; and he responded saying, “See her smile, she has such a gorgeous smile.” I did ask one question during the round robin section…but I was in my glory that he noticed my smile and was actually trying to find me in the audience!! This was so much better than I ever imagined.

Next was the actual meet and greet. I was not nervous at this point and I actually felt like I already met him during the workout and the podcast section. I fixed my hair and my headband (I am always wearing that headband during my workouts). I was kind of pacing around that room as we all waited to see Shaun T. They gave us food and I did eat a little bit but I was starting to get nervous. Now was the time I had to stand there without any distractions and talk to Shaun…like open my mouth and say everything I have ever wanted to say to him in a span of 2-3 minutes. It felt like a dream like so surreal and all the sudden it was my turn to walk up to him. I handed him his gift but he can’t open it in that amount of time. It was just put behind the photo backdrop for later.

As I walked over to him, I just couldn’t believe I was finally standing face to face with the guy who helped me more than he could ever know. He helped pull me out of my darkness…I used his program Insanity11165318_10153325356509701_3073736077245836474_n (1) to become who I am today inside and out. I stood there smiling and the very first thing he says to me is “How is your little boy?” I stopped and had tears begin in my eyes because I couldn’t believe he knew the story about Aidan; not only did he comment on my post but he knew who I was and knew what my story was about…he knew my little boy Aidan and what happened. He genuinely CARES about my boy…I just was so in awe in that moment. We chatted a little and then he asked me about my shirt and how I came up with the name because he loves the name. I told him all about my journey to becoming Inshannonity and we posed for a photo. I then explained his gifts in the bag. He was excited about the shirts and said he would post a photo of him wearing the shirt so I would see it on him. He said he would wear one shirt out and the other one while he slept! I can’t wait for that to happen!!! Hopefully soon 😉

Then I walked away; and it dawned on me that I NEVER asked him to sign my Inshannonity shirt!!! I couldn’t believe it. My awesome friend Jenn told me to go over and ask the guy inshaun t and me charge (I called him Shaun T’s body guard) if I could go back and see him again so he can sign my shirt. He said of course so I had another chance at talking to Shaun T and getting him to sign my Inshannonity shirt. That moment was absolutely awesome and quite honestly I love that photo so much more than the posed one of us. This one captured my true feeling…my true smile and me being in my glory.

Shaun T…meeting him was a dream come true and it was WAY more than I ever imagined. This doesn’t mean that this dream is over…I have so many other dreams that I hope to become a reality one day. I will definitely be back to meet him again the next time he is in New Jersey. My future dreams include trying out to be on an upcoming workout program of Shaun T. That is my ultimate goal ~ and until that happens I am getting Certified to teach Insanity in November by the one and only Danielle Natoni aka Fit and Funky. The journey I have been on has been amazing and I am doing so many other things that I never saw coming. Stay tuned to see what happens next!!!!

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